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Crowdsourcing stories

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Human judges vital in crowdsourced campaign to track deforestation
April 2020
The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) and analytics firm SAS are creating artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms with the help of crowdsourcing.
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Social Media
Church group crowdsources 'I forgive you' emoji design
September 2019
The Forgivemoji campaign encourages people to design an emoji that represents forgiveness. The team behind the campaign will then decide on the best entry and then submit it to the Unicode Consortium.
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Travel photos on Flickr hint at people's global travel patterns
September 2019
What can millions of travel pics on photo-sharing site Flickr help researchers understand about people’s travelling patterns? It turns out the answer is quite a lot.
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Singapore MINDEF's Bug Bounty Challenge nets 32 vulnerabilities in three weeks
February 2018
The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) handed out more than S$14,000 in bounties to 17 hackers as part of the Bug Bounty Challenge.
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Singapore MINDEF opens doors to white hat hackers
December 2017
“This is the first time that MINDEF is launching such a bold programme. White hat hackers will be given the mandate to hack MINDEF."
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WWF calls on innovators to step up for NZ conservation competition
September 2016
“We’re really keen to hear about any ideas, gadgets, tools or innovative projects that tackle conservation obstacles."
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Want to test your app? The Bug-a-thon contest is for you
August 2016
The Bug-a-thon contest is an attempt to allow companies easy access to crowdsourced testing, enabling insights to fix issues.
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Crowdfunding crucial to Tech Valley growth, researcher says
June 2016
A researcher from The Open Polytechnic released a statement saying that NZ's Technology Valley will need to depend on crowdfunding for future growth.
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Crowdsourced phishing protection eliminates threats in under 13 minutes
May 2016
IronScales reports that training staff and using crowdsourced phishing protection can eliminate threats in under 13 minutes.
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‘Crowd-sourced’ security to neutralise zero-day attacks
June 2015
Security resellers and businesses can participate in the fight against cyber-criminals thanks to next-generation interactive sandbox security.
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Crowdsourcing set to boost NZ creative revenue
September 2013
A New Zealand marketing consultant is calling for local professionals to embrace crowdsourcing as a method of selling their services globally.
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Crowdfunding comes under security spotlight
October 2012
The revamp of New Zealand's 34-year-old securities law looks set to capture a relatively new way of raising small amounts of money from hordes of people if it strays into the territory of offering returns.
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Crowd computing
October 2011
Kiwi businesses are being offered access to a network of over 40,000 designers around the world.