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Alphabet stories

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Financial results
Alphabet publishes Q2 2021 financial results showing Google in fine form
August 2021
CEO Sundar Pinchai says, "Our long-term investments in AI and Google Cloud are helping us drive significant improvements in everyone’s digital experience."
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IBM, Alphabet and well-funded startups in the race for quantum supremacy
September 2020
"It may not come as a surprise that quantum computing one day replaces artificial intelligence as the mainstream technology to help industries tackle problems they never would have attempted to solve before.”
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Google Cloud drives Alphabet's soaring revenue
July 2019
"Our ongoing investments in compute capabilities and engineering talent reflect the compelling opportunities we see across the company.”
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VirusTotal takes proactive approach to eliminating false positives
June 2018
Alphabet-owned antivirus service VirusTotal is cracking down on false positives – and solving a massive problem for software developers.
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Ten things you need to know about Chronicle, Alphabet's new cybersecurity firm
January 2018
Google's parent company Alphabet decided to extend its computing power and enter the world of cybersecurity.
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What happens when your domain name is taken? The benefit of using a unique TLD
November 2017
.com or allows for a blank slate when it comes to marketing and can be used and understood in any language across the globe.
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LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Top Companies list - did you make the cut?
June 2017
Schneider Electric, a global organisation that specialises in energy management and automation, is one of the companies that made the list.
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Google provides internet to disaster-struck Peru
May 2017
"Loon balloons float 20 km up in the stratosphere, and so have the potential to extend connectivity to where it's needed..."
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Arbor Networks & Jigsaw boost digital details in DDoS attack map
October 2016
Arbor Networks and Jigsaw, an incubator within Google's parent company Alphabet, have worked together to enhance a live DDoS digital threat map.
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Google's restructure to Alphabet - what it means
August 2015
“While the move is primarily intended to make the company’s operations more transparent, it has implications for each of the core businesses."