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Weekly Asia security roundup: Check Point, Mimecast, NEC and phishing attacks

24 Feb 2017

A convincing Apple login page is tricking users into falling for a phishing attacks. The initial email designed to catch unsuspecting victims is bypassing content blockers by using Greek characters in phrases such as ‘we will suspend your account’ and other ‘account verification’ traps.

We interviewed Mimecast’s director of product marketing Dave Hood, who showed us that the ‘human firewall’ is a major factor in email security. “Our research shows that if organisations aren’t using next generation email security solutions and reviewing their defences then they are vulnerable,” he said.

Check Point joined Cisco, Fortinet, Intel Security, Palo Alto Networks and Symantec as the sixth member of the global Cyber Threat Alliance. CEO Gil Shwed says the future of cybersecurity is right here. “The CTA collaboration will enable us to accelerate the pace of innovation as we work to protect the cloud, mobile and provide the best means for advanced threat prevention.”

NEC is embarking on a mission to provide cyber defence training in Japan over a three year period in conjunction with the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Singapore’s cybersecurity research capability has received another boost, as the National University of Singapore opens its newest research hub. 

 “This will facilitate innovation and translation of the R&D capabilities in Singapore into solutions that can be deployed globally, helping to strengthen Singapore's position as a cybersecurity R&D hub.”

What will next week bring? Keep checking back for daily security updates from SecurityBrief Asia.

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