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Trump news stories

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Trump cancelling North Korea summit will have 'cyber-retaliation'
"Cancellation of this summit with Kim will likely have larger implications than if President Trump never accepted the invitation in the first place."
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Cyberattacks imminent for Western businesses due to Trump’s actions
A report has predicted because of Trump, "Iran is likely to respond by launching cyberattacks on Western businesses within months, if not faster."
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Trump team fumble their way through entry-level dirty politics
They just learned the hard way that nothing is ever really deleted from the internet.
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Kiwi carpooling app takes aim at Uber over Trump
Kiwis can “vote with their phones” to show their opposition to Trump - and Uber - by deleting the Uber app.
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Trump’s tough talk may crush Asian vendors’ US plans
The global smartphone market is in a good place. Or perhaps was until Trump made his intended plans clear, that would affect all of Asia's industries.
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Trump delays signoff on US executive cybersecurity order
US President Elect Donald Trump has reportedly postponed an executive order of cybersecurity, which was due to be signed today.
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Peter Dunne
Peter Dunne calls out Trump in spectacular letter
In classic Orwellian doublespeak, you will succeed, even if all your policies fail, because you will be constantly telling us what a success you are.
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From Microsoft to Xero to Trump, oh my
“We have had the privilege of Chris’ outstanding international leadership as chairman of our board over a key growth period."