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Ric Smith stories

Ric Smith is a prolific author with a keen interest in the evolving realm of cybersecurity. His works often delve into the cutting-edge technology and strategies employed by companies and nations alike to protect their digital frontiers. His fascination with artificial intelligence as a bulwark against cyber threats is evident in his coverage of SentinelOne's multi-layer cybersecurity platform, which incorporates both embedded neural networks and advanced natural language processing.

Smith's expertise also extends to the strategic business moves within the cybersecurity industry, as revealed in his reporting on SentinelOne's acquisition of PingSafe. His insights reflect a comprehensive understanding of the synergy between AI technologies and cloud security, emphasizing the potential transformation in protecting cloud environments. His interests also touch upon national cybersecurity initiatives, demonstrated by his coverage of Australia's AI deployment to mitigate the effects of a looming skills shortage within the cybersecurity sector.