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Legacy hardware news stories

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Google Cloud
Alkira partners with Google Cloud to bring multi-cloud capability to more
“We’re delighted to be part of Google Cloud’s initiative to simplify their customer journey to the cloud. It's a sign of the growing maturity of the cloud industry that multi-cloud capability is now acknowledged as table stakes."
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Internet of Things
New plug-and-play edge product connects IoT devices and legacy infrastructures
Edge company Byos has launched a plug-and-play edge security product designed to provide secure connectivity for IoT devices and legacy infrastructures.
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Remote Working
Legacy security architectures threaten to disrupt remote workforce
Network security is of prime concern amongst IT leaders, as most companies continue with work-from-home policies.
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Delivering value faster will be essential in the post-COVID-19 world
Those who are best equipped to operate on a lean budget and those with the best tools will gain market share. Those who do not have their technology in order will be left fighting for crumbs, writes OutSystems vice president for APAC Mark Weaser.
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Digital Transformation
Is legacy technology holding you back?
Getting off legacy systems can be difficult but the potential benefits of updating IT infrastructure or even better integrating old systems can be immense.
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Hybrid Cloud
Opinion: Moving applications between cloud and data centre
OpsRamp's Bhanu Singh discusses the process of moving legacy systems and applications to the cloud, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
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Legacy applications a ‘healthcare cybersecurity nightmare’
A new whitepaper launched today that sought to bring light to just how dire the cybersecurity situation with hospitals really is.
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Exclusive Q&A: Why businesses are storing useless hardware
In this exclusive interview, Blancco's Fredrik Forslund details just how expensive the issue of data centre waste has become.
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Data Centre Operators
Organisations wasting $100k a year hoarding useless IT hardware
Staggering new research has revealed how businesses have become paralysed by data regulations and are sucking up the costs of storing old data centre hardware rather than risk a breach.
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Digital Transformation
How to approach digital transformation at scale
"One of the biggest but often overlooked challenges for large, legacy enterprises, is how to collaborate effectively at scale."
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No - you don't need to replace all your infrastructure
There are ways that you can make the infrastructure that you know, love and rely on last the distance.
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Digital Transformation
How to get more value from legacy IT in a digitally driven world
To derive maximum value from legacy IT, organisations can take a number of steps to harden legacy systems.
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Machine learning
2018 forecast to be the year of hardware and mainframe modernisation
This expert says the advance of AI, machine learning and the IoT in 2018 will expose the importance of modernising legacy hardware and mainframes.