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Creating a secure and welcoming environment with automated visitor management
How can organisations create safe working environments that people actually want to visit?
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HID Global
How to design your own cutting-edge security ID cards
One of the first lines of defence for large enterprises, universities and government organisations is the security ID card. But instances of counterfeit are rising, and a simple photo ID printed on a plain white plastic card has virtually no defence such attacks.
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Going back to work: Why we need to rethink enterprise ID cards
Australia and New Zealand are opening up again, and office workers are going back to their desks. Meanwhile, many companies still rely on outdated legacy card issuance systems, which offer little functionality or security assurances, and printing processes can be cumbersome.
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HID ships new readers line with host of smart features
The HID Signo line focuses on system deployment and management while enabling businesses to also meet advanced security requirements of today.
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Physical Security
How to successfully phase out legacy physical security systems
Legacy physical security systems often create a cumbersome and difficult environment for those that need to make use of them.
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New product from HID Global sets new speed records
HID Global has unveiled a new ID card retransfer printer that truly sets the bar for speed by halving the current industry standard.
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Case Study
Case study: Startup revamps systems with HID mobile access
“We want our clients to have the best experience here. This is the reason why we chose to work with HID Global solutions."
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Fundamental shift: A look inside the rising role of IT in physical access control
Shifting budgets and responsibilities require IT and physical security teams to consider a fundamental change in day-to-day operations.
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CASE STUDY: HID's evolution of credential issuance for enterprise
HID FARGO Connect enables centralised management and maintenance for both printers and database.
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Cloud Security
HID expands its cloud-based security solution to Australia
HID FARGO Connect simplifies the management and delivery of credentials by removing the most resource consuming tasks.