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Counterfeits stories

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Website spoofing: What to know about counterfeit domain names to keep from getting scammed
March 2022
Have you ever visited the website of a well-established brand but something about it didn't seem right? That may not have been the brand's website at all.
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HP study illuminates booming counterfeit print supply industry
June 2019
Businesses that purchase print supplies are in danger of falling victim to the multi-billion dollar industry of counterfeits and fakes.
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Commerce Systems
Europol cracks down on counterfeit sites; arrests 12 people
November 2018
“This is a result of Europol’s comprehensive approach to make the internet a safer place for consumers."
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How ID cards can use visual security to make counterfeiters weep
May 2018
One look at a well-crafted identity card could tell counterfeiters that they’re defeated before they even try.
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Counterfeit seizures prompt warnings to reseller community
April 2016
Retailers selling counterfeit or unsafe products could face significant penalties of up to $1.1 million - or imprisonment.
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Protecting brand New Zealand
April 2015
Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes of modern times. Innovative and cost-effective tech solutions are now able to tackle this
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Smartphone fakes fail at the border
January 2015
Smartphones and other electronic goods were among the most common fakes intercepted by New Zealand Customs in 2014, with Customs warning counterfeit electronics could be dangerous.