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Sustainable IT
The link between enterprise data security and sustainability
October 2021
There is a link between enterprise data security and sustainability, according to a new report from Blancco Technology Group.
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Mobile Device Management
Mobile consumers demand assurance as they plan upgrades to 5G
May 2021
"Operators, retailers and OEMs will need to build their trust by providing assurances in data protection and device care throughout the customer journey."
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E-waste becoming a massive issue for businesses, so what can be done?
November 2020
E-waste is a global concern, and is quickly becoming a crisis of its own, the researchers state. In fact, more than 53 million metric tons of e-waste was produced in 2019.
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Enterprise sustainability practices not up to par, study finds
April 2020
“In today’s global climate, sustainability should be at the heart of every business’ strategy. Yet, it’s clear from our research that organisations globally are not doing enough."
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Sustainable IT
Corporations are failing to deal with e-waste responsibly - report
April 2020
The survey in the report, which quizzed almost 2,000 senior executives in global enterprises with over 5,000 employees, found that only a quarter of end-of-life equipment is being sanitised and reused, despite 83% of organisations having a Corporate Social Responsibility policy in place.
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Global consumers to trade in 810 million smartphones in favour of 5G devices
March 2020
68% of consumers would be willing to trade-in their device in favour of a 5G-capable upgrade, according to research from Blancco Technology Group.
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Almost half of storage devices for sale contain personal info, study finds
April 2019
If you’re thinking of selling a device with any type of storage, you may want to triple check that you’ve wiped all of your personal information off it before you send it away.
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Data Protection
Used device market held back by lack of data security regulations
February 2019
Mobile device users are sceptical about trading in their old device because they are concerned that data on those devices may be accessed or compromised after they hand it over.
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General Data Protection Regulation
Exclusive Q&A: Why businesses are storing useless hardware
January 2019
In this exclusive interview, Blancco's Fredrik Forslund details just how expensive the issue of data centre waste has become.
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Digital Transformation
Opinion: important considerations ahead of a cloud migration
October 2018
Blancco's "Mr Data Centre" Fredrik Forslund outlines the steps organisations should be taking to make sure it’s a smooth one.
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Sydney: You’re invited to Blancco's data erasure event
August 2017
An increase in the amount of data businesses must store means the risk of a data breach or cyber-attack also increases.
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Blancco's new Beijing office to support China's growing need for data erasure software
March 2017
Blancco CEO Pat Clawson says Chinese companies are detecting more and more security incidents - an increase of 900% since 2014.
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Ingram Micro showcases new vendors - and Professional AV
August 2015
There were plenty of new faces at today's Ingram Micro Showcase including Dell, Hikvision, Blancco and EMC - along with a new division for the distie.
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Kroll Ontrack
Kroll Ontrack to resell data erasure solutions across ANZ
April 2014
"With 20 locations around the globe and services to support end-of-life data management, Kroll Ontrack is proud to serve as a premium reseller of Blancco solutions..."