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Uganda Police Force uses biometrics to catch criminals
Tue, 12th Feb 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Police in Uganda are using biometric data and solutions to help them identify suspects and solve crimes in a more efficient way. The biometric solutions will enable the force to electronically collect, store, and process fingerprints, palm prints, and facial captures.

Uganda Police Force police undersecretary Murhirwa Rogers says that reliable biometric data is powerful in its ability to help identify people and bring offenders to justice.

The police chose biometrics technology from digital security firm Gemalto. The Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System (CABIS) and LiveScan will both support security's journey to digital.

“Investment in Gemalto CABIS and LiveScan technology is the latest step forward in the modernisation not just of Ugandan law enforcement, but our wider homeland security infrastructure,” continues Rogers.

The police will deploy Gemalto LiveScan in police stations and courts nationwide. It will allow capture of biometric data, along with the subject's mugshot and biographical data. Its local partner ISSUL will assist in the installation, project support and maintenance.

CABIS will enable the police to map distinct characteristics in fingerprints, palm prints and face images and use these to accelerate the matching process. In addition, client tools help forensic specialists to confirm identities and establish robust evidence that will aid conviction of guilty individuals.

The Ugandan Police Force will be also trial Gemalto Mobile Biometric Identification solution, which helps officers capture individuals' fingerprints using a convenient mobile device. Biometric information is securely submitted to the CABIS over-the-air with matches relayed back to the officer directly via the handset.

According to Gemalto EMEA Government Programs EVP Tommi Nordberg, CABIS, LiveScan and Mobile ID technology reinforce the Ugandan police's efforts to tackle crime.

“Highly scalable and interoperable, our solutions not only meet the current requirements of the Ugandan authorities, but can grow and develop in line with their future demands.

Gemalto and Thales are currently seeking regulatory approval in several countries in order to get the go-ahead for a merger.

The merger will bring two major players in digital security under one umbrella. Thales announced its intentions to buy Gemalto in April 2018. It offered to acquire all Gemalto shares for EUR €51.00 per share.

“The combination creates a powerhouse with a solution portfolio including security software, expertise in biometrics and multifactor authentication, and the issuance of secure digital and physical credentials,” Thales commented in a statement last year.

“These technologies, which combine diverse and constantly evolving use cases, are expected to yield significant commercial opportunities and revenue synergies in the years ahead.