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Onesecure Asia and Trusted Metrics form security operations center for Singapore & ASEAN

11 Sep 2017

Trusted Metrics and Onesecure Asia are partnering up to deliver US-developed Security Operations Center (SOC) technology to Singapore and other ASEAN countries.

Trusted Metrics develops SOC solutions for managed security providers. The company will provide its Elastic SOC, a multi-tenant, cloud-based platform that gives organisations the chance to implement SIEM.

Organisations can conduct centralized log correlation, intrusion detection, asset management, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, alarm generation and network performance management through a single console.

Onesecure Asia is a Singapore-based managed service provider that delivers SME cybersecurity services.

According to Onesecure Asia managing director Edmund How, automation is of great benefit to the company and its customers.

“Within security operations, many tasks take up additional time and a large volume of events are processed every day,” How says.

Onesecure Asia plans to provide customers with a view of all endpoints and network traffic across an organisation, which the company believes will provide enhanced abilities to detect, respond and recover from incidents of compromise.

 “By adding a level of automation to our SOC, we not only optimize costs and reduce reliance on manpower, but also dedicate more time to customize security protection for our customers. We wanted to offer customers a security platform designed for SMEs, with a stronger focus beyond perimeter security providing customers with a platform where endpoints data and network traffic can be correlated rapidly to reduce the time to detect cybersecurity incidents.”

Trusted Metrics CEO Michael Menfee says the partnership will help the company understand the Singapore market better.

“Our partnership with Edmund and his team at Onesecure Asia provides us with a distinctive viewpoint within cybersecurity operations in Singapore, as unique regulations and oversight are starting to take shape there. We are proud to develop this relationship to help fortify the capabilities of a strong MSSP with a compelling SOC offering,” Menfee adds.

The SOC will offer the following security services:

 - Thorough monitoring of digital infrastructure  - Proactive continuous defense against advanced cyber threats that can bypass traditional perimeter defenses  - Advanced enterprise endpoint protection that detects, mitigates and remediates advanced malware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks  - Round the clock log collection, analysis, active monitoring and alerting.

Onesecure Asia was founded in 2008. It operates across Singapore and other ASEAN countries. It uses eSOC Security Monitoring to deliver protection to SMEs and startups.

Trusted Metrics is based in the United States. It was founded in 2011 and provides Elastic SOC to managed service providers.

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