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Google Cloud Security Report Highlights Rising Threats and Solutions in Q1 2023
Mon, 14th Aug 2023

In a comprehensive report released in July 2023, Google's Cloud incident response teams have shed light on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the necessary measures to counter them. The report, encompassing six key articles, provides insights into various aspects of security, from credential issues to mobile app threats and the telecommunications industry's adoption of cloud services.

The Persistent Challenge of Credential Issues

The first quarter of 2023 saw credential issues accounting for over 60% of compromise factors. Misconfiguration followed, contributing to 19% of compromise factors. The report emphasizes the need for stronger identity management guardrails at the organizational level and highlights risky actions that can lead to compromises, such as cross-project abuse of access token generation permission.

Mobile Apps Evading Detection through Versioning

Researchers have identified a new threat where Android applications download malicious updates post-installation, attempting to bypass Google Play Store's malware detections. The report stresses the importance of defense in-depth, including limiting application installation sources to trusted platforms like Google Play.

Compromised Customer Domains and IPs on Google Cloud

Using VirusTotal (VT) and Mandiant data, Google discovered 19 customer domains and one IP hosted on Google Cloud, compromised in Q1 2023. The findings underline the importance of continuous monitoring and vigilance in identifying and mitigating such threats.

Telecommunications Industry and Cloud Adoption

As the telecommunications industry embraces cloud services, threats from nation-states and cybercriminals persist. The report calls for modern cybersecurity approaches such as Zero Trust (ZT) to address these threats, particularly targeting wireless telecommunications, IT and telecom services, and data services.

Threat Insights from Source Code Leaks

The report also delves into the implications of source code leaks, which can facilitate various exploitation activities. Mitigation recommendations include adhering to the principle of least privilege, network segmentation, and log monitoring.

Leveraging Third-Party Services While Reducing Risk

The final article highlights the risks associated with third-party services, where bad actors can exploit trusted relationships to gain access to organizations. The report provides insights into where malicious behaviour has been observed and offers measures to mitigate these risks.


The Google Cloud Security Report for Q1 2023 serves as a vital resource for organizations navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape. From the persistent challenge of credential issues to the innovative tactics employed by malicious actors, the report offers a comprehensive overview of the current threats and the strategies to counter them. The emphasis on modern cybersecurity approaches and adherence to best practices underscores the need for continuous evolution in the face of ever-changing cyber threats.