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Duality and NTT DATA revolutionize privacy enhanced secure data collaboration
Wed, 27th Apr 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Our new global economy has exponentially grown our digital footprint, and for many organisations maximising on the value of the critical, yet sensitive data they are collecting is paramount.

As one of the foremost global digital business and IT services leaders, NTT DATA, in conjunction with NTT Innovation Laboratory and Duality Technologies, combined their goals and expertise to evaluate the use of sensitive multisource data, while ensuring privacy is maintained.

“In working with Duality, we are able to leverage the data in our extended client and partner networks to open new lines of business in a variety of industries - all for the greater good of our customers, without infringing on their privacy or their rights.”

Hiroyuki Yamanaka, NTT, manager, Data Secure Team.

NTT DATA selected two company-wide initiatives that would empower them to enrich their overall customers' and partners' experience by enabling secure data collaboration across multisource data sets.

The first initiative was focused on securely analysing highly sensitive and strictly regulated health data across multiple institutions that would allow NTT DATA Scientists to analyse and learn from previously inaccessible data to make recommendations on personalised health plans.

The second initiative sought to leverage telecommunications data from varied mobile GPS devices to compare millions of data points, from multiple data sources - while preserving user information and location privacy. This visibility into user geolocation data helps NTT DATA Scientists analyse and establish patterns that help them predict usage peak times, people's trajectories, and transportation demands that will serve to optimise user experience, transportation efficiency and much more.

“NTT DATA is a true forward-thinker and a commendable example of how enterprises can transform the customer experience by employing proven data collaboration methodologies that better predict their needs.”

Alon Kaufman, chief executive officer and co-founder at Duality.

One-size fits all approaches to data encryption and data sharing need to evolve to support the ever-changing needs of today's global enterprise. Traditionally, organisations were unable to share data from multiple sources into a single repository due to the sensitivity of the data. Duality empowers enterprises to securely learn from their own data as well as their collaborating partners' data and provides a framework for the unique ways that organisations collect, consume, and most importantly benefit from shared data – making them a one-stop-shop for secure data collaboration that leverages expert knowledge, unmatched techniques, and advanced methodologies.

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