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Check Point launches Quantum Spark to boost cybersecurity for SMBs
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

Check Point Software Technologies announced the introduction of its Quantum Spark 1900 and 2000, the company's latest generation firewall series for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These new security gateways have been designed to provide optimized network security, coupling zero-touch provisioning, advanced cloud management, and automated threat management capabilities in a package designed for medium-sized businesses.

Despite making significant contributions to the global economy, SMBs often struggle with cybersecurity threats due to limited IT resources and budget. In response, many of these businesses are outsourcing cybersecurity solutions to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). By 2025, it is forecasted that MSPs will account for 40% of SMB cybersecurity expenditures, a clear indicator of their pivotal role in protecting these businesses.

Shahar Divon, Global Head of MSSP and SMB at Check Point Software Technologies, stated, "The increasing reliance on MSPs as primary market conduits is a response to the growing necessity for end-to-end management of intricate software stacks and the advancement of digital initiatives. Our Quantum Spark next-generation firewalls are designed to safeguard data and systems against cyber-attacks, ensuring secure and efficient access. These gateways not only promise secure expansion in user numbers, transaction volumes, and data but also help to reduce costs while supporting remote workforces, encouraging cloud adoption, and enabling digital transformation."

The latest gateways have been created to serve businesses ranging from one to 1,000 employees. Core benefits for users include AI-powered threat prevention, easy management, and scalability, features especially pertinent as many SMBs face challenges in maintaining cybersecurity resources and expertise. The launch of these new products signifies Check Point's commitment to bolster SMBs' defensive capabilities in the current cyber threat environment.

Check Point's Quantum Spark Gateway 1900 and 2000 models offer accelerated threat prevention performance, using AI/Machine Learning to significantly boost defence against cyber threats and achieve an impressive 99.8% block rate against malware, phishing, DNS and IoT attacks. Boasting interim security software and advanced cloud management capabilities, they represent a significant step forward in SMB security solutions.

Pete Finalle, Security Research Manager at IDC, commented, "As cyber threats like phishing and ransomware increase, SMBs face more security challenges without the IT expertise and resources needed to defend themselves. Check Point's new Quantum Spark 1900 and 2000 network security gateways provide SMBs with AI-Powered threat prevention, automated security for SD-WAN and IoT, and unified security management that is easy to deploy and use. Given their limitations, many SMBs are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) for security solutions. Check Point empowers MSPs to support SMBs with comprehensive security, remote streamlined management and zero-touch deployment, reducing the need for onsite IT staff."

The Quantum Spark 1900 and 2000 series are available immediately. The complete range features six models in the Quantum Spark Gateway line.