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Yana Blachman stories

Yana Blachman is an authoritative voice in the rapidly evolving domain of cybersecurity, with a particular focus on the intersection of technology and trust. Her work centres on the alarming rise in malware attacks, shedding light on the exploitation of machine identities—an issue that has seen an eightfold increase over the last decade, as noted in her reporting on Venafi's research. Blachman’s insights not only underline the severity of such cyber threats but also the seeming ease with which they have doubled annually at points, stressing the urgency for robust security measures.

Blachman's investigative flair also extends to high-profile data breaches, with her work providing detailed coverage on incidents such as the significant breach at GoDaddy, which posed potential threats to millions of customers. Delving into the future of cybersecurity, her articles bring attention to pressing industry forecasts, and she echoes Venafi's predictions that the coming years, particularly 2023, are poised to be formidable for those safeguarding digital infrastructures. With her finger firmly on the pulse, Yana Blachman continues to inform and warn about the cybersecurity challenges on the horizon.