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TLS news stories

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What Is TLS 1.2 — and why should we still care?
Gigamon country manager for A/NZ George Tsoukas takes a closer look at the history of cryptographic protocols.
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Hybrid Cloud
How multi-cloud visibility ensures business continuity
One of the most common applications and use cases that we’ve seen for this capability is tracking the status of SSL/TLS certificates on the thousands of application and communication servers that make up an enterprise network.
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CIOs put too much trust in TLS certificates - survey
Despite the prolific usage of TLS certificates within organisations, many CIOs aren't concerned about security risks associated with TLS machine identities.
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Cloud platforms
DigiCert introduces TLS Certificate manager for partners
CertCentral Partner is a partner-specific upgrade of the previous software that provides extra functionality for resellers and MSPs.
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Internet of Things
DigiCert releases two new tools to modernise PKI
DigiCert managers are built from the ground up to provide fast, flexible PKI deployment.
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Network Security
Why there is a critical need to fix network comms security - Kemp
TLS 1.3 is designed to solve many of the vulnerabilities that led to attacks on previous TLS versions, as well as to improve the performance of encrypted communications.
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Why encryption causes DDoS defence headaches
Some forms of encryption technology can make identifying and blocking some threats more difficult.
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Cybersecurity insurance
Interview: RedShield's lowdown on TLS, DDoS & why breach legislation is good for everyone
“What you have is enough companies that don’t have mitigation service providers in place that still make the attacker’s job fairly easy."
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Proof of concept cloud TLS hack: the silent hypervisor flaw
Third parties could eavesdrop on cloud communications encrypted with TLS, which can be almost undetectable by most people.
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CAUTION: The SSL blind spot is growing
The use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption is growing fast - which is both good and bad.