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Tinder stories

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Can artificial intelligence protect people from dating app scams?
February 2022
A new survey has revealed how much of personal information app users would give to to artificial intelligence.
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Tinder unveils 'lite' version of its dating app
July 2019
The new version will increase the app's performance and accessibility in emerging areas where data access is limited and mobile app use is more costly for users.
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New Zealand
Kiwi entrepreneur creates Tinder for events and activities
November 2017
Swipe left, swipe right: The Romer app has been dubbed the Tinder for activities.
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A Tinder app us peasants will never get to use
May 2017
Celebrity crushes could be so much more than a crush. All you have to do is be any two of famous, attractive, and rich.
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What we learned from our crazy Kiwi Tinder experiment
September 2016
With a maximum distance of 80kms, his gender preference set for Women and an age range of 18-29, Intern G was all set to go.
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Tinder matchmaker? Yes please
March 2016
Not good enough for you? That's okay, hook them up with one of your buddies.
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Tinder 'matches' with Rackspace as it continues global expansion
March 2015
Tinder is officially leveraging ObjectRocket by Rackspace to power its global matchmaking app.
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Why Bristlr has nothing on Tinder, despite the beards
January 2015
For an app that had such promise, it's really a piece of unsophisticated crap.
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Move over Tinder, the beards have arrived
January 2015
How liberating will it feel seeing the data of how many times some douchebag has sent the exact same message.
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Social Networking
Former Tinder worker to launch rival dating app after suing for sexual harrassment
November 2014
It's a social discovery app where users will never get unwanted matches and unlike other apps, Bumble suggests matches based on more ‘relevant signals’.
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Don't blame technology, rape is rape
October 2014
"Rapists, not Tinder, [are] the threat to women," Kelvin Davis, Labour’s Associate Police spokesperson, he says.
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Tinder - is it all it's cracked up to be?
May 2014
I’m about a year too late jumping on the Tinder bandwagon, but hey, I was bored.
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Tinder users beware... as Aussie single face security scare
April 2014
"Hey, how are you doing?", "I’m still recovering from last night :)"
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Kiwi snowboarder finds Olympic fun on Tinder
February 2014
"Seriously tinder is on form here in Sochi... Just wanna match with the Jamaican bobsled team."