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Shadow IT stories

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Securing shadow IT – May the force be with you!
July 2022
So-called "shadow IT" is often invisible to security and IT staff, making organisations' cyber attack surfaces bigger than they realise, and less secure.
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New study reveals 51% of employees using unauthorised apps
July 2022
The research shows that 92% of employees and managers in large enterprises want full control over applications, but they don't have it.
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50% of employees use unauthorised file services for work
March 2022
KnowBe4 has released a new report showing half of the employees at shadow IT companies use unauthorised file services to complete their work.
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Partner Programmes
Attack surface security vendor launches channel programme
August 2020
CyCognito enables users to identify externally-exposed systems and digital assets that are either unknown, uncontrolled or abandoned.
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Application Security
A10 Networks launches proxy for secure access and visibility into SaaS apps
September 2019
The CAP solution ensures that access to SaaS applications and data is secured while maintaining centralised visibility across sanctioned and unsanctioned applications.
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Five major risks of letting shadow IT go unchecked
November 2018
A department creating its own bespoke IT solution may sound like a good idea, but are the risks really worth it?
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5G could lead to shadow IoT if security is ignored
July 2018
While 5G promises to shake up the world of mobile apps, communications, and IoT, 5G’s potential for scalability may end up taking a darker turn.
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SonicWall focuses on the mid-market with latest product announcements
June 2018
“Our Capture Cloud Platform delivers increased value, ease of use and the security efficacy required for today’s cyber arms race.”
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Research report: What cloud migration means for modern businesses
March 2018
Businesses of all shapes and sizes have different rationale for having moved or considering to move workloads into the cloud.
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Document Management
Study: Even the Australian C-Suite flouts cybersecurity policies
September 2017
Employees in some of Australia’s largest organisations are flouting cybersecurity policies and it’s not just junior employees who are guilty.
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Contractors, unstructured data amongst major security concerns, says SailPoint
May 2017
“By putting identity at the centre of security and IT operations, these organisations can move their IT teams out of full-time firefighting mode."
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Cloud Security
Shadow IT: Why danger lurks in dark spaces
March 2017
The presence of unknown cloud services makes it difficult for security teams to identify and manage the organisations total attack surface.
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Equinox IT
Are you sick of shadow IT's ever-looming digital danger?
September 2016
There is a worrying trend for businesses to look at shadow IT as great examples of becoming digital. But in truth it is the exact opposite.
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Digital Transformation
Taking advantage of shadow IT to achieve digital transformation
August 2016
“Organisations shouldn’t surrender to or ignore shadow IT; rather, they should leverage it to bring new solutions forward."
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Document Management
Shadow data could cost organisations millions
January 2016
The threat of shadow data in the enterprise is on the rise as cloud app usage surges, opening organisations to $1.9 million in potential losses.
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Shadow IT
CIOs fighting back against shadow IT
November 2015
A new report says CIOs are increasingly being left out of the IT purchasing loop - but they're fighting back, becoming internal service providers.
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Dissatisfaction drives employees to the dark side of tech
August 2015
Dissatisfaction with business collaboration tools is driving employees to turn to unsanctioned and unsecure technology, and driving up shadow IT.
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MIT: Encouraging NZ's female students to get into tech
August 2015
In order to encourage young New Zealand women to consider a career in IT, MIT is holding an event on September 3 2015.
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Shadow IT: Bringing business benefits despite security concerns
July 2015
Instead of seeing shadow IT as a major problem, more chief information security officers (CISOs) are seeing the business benefits of the phenomenon.
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Shadow IT rife within business; what are you going to do?
April 2015
CipherCloud has identified an increasing number of enterprises need help with cloud visibility problems, and have launched a Cloud Discovery Enterpris
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Shadow IT on the rise: Are you prepared?
March 2015
"It is important to protect against risks now as shadow IT has a strong footprint inside many enterprises and will not fade anytime soon."