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Remote desktop services stories

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CERT NZ urges businesses to disable Remote Desktop Protocol due to cyber risks
August 2021
According to CERT NZ, most ransomware attacks can be traced back, in part, to poorly configured remote access systems.
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Cybercriminals leverage remote desktop protocol to brute force attacks
February 2021
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) attacks surged during 2020, and their severity should not be underestimated.
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The current state of ransomware — and its future
January 2021
Discoveries made by analysts at Sophos have unearthed a new development: ransomware code appears to have been shared across ‘families’, and some of the ransomware groups seemed to work in collaboration more than in competition with one another. 
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ManageEngine launches suite of enterprise security solutions
March 2020
The new solutions allow security teams to supervise remote sessions which are providing access to critical systems, says ManageEngine.
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Network Security
Most organisations exhibiting malicious RDP behaviour - report
September 2019
Remote Desktop Protocol is a vital tool for managed service providers (MSPs) in their management of hundreds of client networks and systems.
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Sophos highlights dangers of remote desktop protocol attacks
July 2019
Within the first day of their setup, all 10 honeypots received their first RDP login attempt.
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Desktop virtualization market to surpass US$13b – APAC leading the way
October 2017
​A new report from MarketsandMarkets has a very positive forecast for the desktop virtualization market - especially for countries in Asia Pacific.