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New report finds Australia lagging behind with encryption strategies
June 2022
Australia is lagging behind the global average when it comes to having solid enterprise-wide encryption strategies, according to new research sponsored by Entrust.
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Ponemon Institute
Email revealed to be riskiest channel for data loss
May 2022
More than half (60%) of organisations experienced data loss or exfiltration caused by an employee mistake on email in the last 12 months.
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Divide between IT and OT teams hindering unified cybersecurity strategies
November 2021
"Organisations must not fall into the trap of thinking that OT can just be tacked onto an existing IT program or managed under a general IT umbrella."
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Lack of visibility cited as number one roadblock to robust security, report finds
September 2021
“While it’s positive to see more leaders engaging in strategic approaches to securing their organisation, it’s important to keep their energy focused on the fundamentals of cybersecurity."
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The large, less obvious costs of phishing attacks on organisations - report
August 2021
Proofpoint and Ponemon Institute have released the results of a new study on the cost of phishing. 
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Cloud account takeovers present serious security risk to enterprises
May 2021
"Cloud account compromises and sensitive information loss can disrupt business, damage brand reputation, and cost organisations millions annually.”
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'Risky behaviour' observed in IT security pros and individuals - survey
February 2020
The report found expectation and reality are often misaligned when it comes to the implementation of desirable security solutions. 
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Cloud Security
Thales: Organisations failing to protect sensitive data in the cloud
October 2019
Although nearly half of corporate data is stored in the cloud, a quarter of Australian organisations admit they have not employed a security-first approach to cloud storage.
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Security teams spend 25% of their time chasing false positives
August 2019
The report also showed that teams were also concerned about investigating actionable intelligence and building incident timelines as well as cleaning, fixing and/or patching networks. 
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Organisations putting stronger focus on data encryption – report
April 2019
Cloud data protection requirements continue to drive encryption use, with encryption across both public and private cloud use cases growing over 2018 levels
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Migration away from on-prem data centres stalled by security
February 2019
Despite the surging cloud adoption that is rife around the world, a new study has revealed there’s still a lack of understanding around security.
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Yubico report reveals troubling password behaviour
January 2019
Some shocking results include that 57% of respondents who have experienced a phishing attack have not changed their password behaviours.
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Aus organisations need to lock down on data security
November 2018
Where nearly 3 in 5 organisations (56%) routinely encrypted employee and HR data in 2016, this has further dropped to around 2 in 5 organisations (44%) this year.
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Report finds AI is a key cybersecurity weapon in the IoT era
October 2018
Increasingly, security professionals are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) as a key weapon to win the battle against stealthy threats inside their IT infrastructures.
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Cost of cyber attacks up 62% in five years - report
July 2018
Malware infections globally are the most expensive cyber attacks – costing $2.4 million per incident.
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IT in Healthcare
How to effectively address security challenges in a digital healthcare world
May 2018
It’s important for healthcare firms to maintain organisation-wide security that is both up-to-date and automated, says Wavelink.
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INTERVIEW: SolarWinds MSP security VP lays industry bare
April 2018
​Cybercrime is a business and the rising number of attacks is not a result of criminals getting smarter -most businesses just have poor cyber hygiene.
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STUDY: How security managers protect data in public and private clouds
March 2018
More data is being stored in the cloud, where IT departments have less control over it – and this trend is only set to continue.
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Aussie firms slow to adopt 'breakthrough innovation' for cyber defence
February 2018
Australian businesses need to be on the lookout for malicious insiders, phishing and social engineering or face price tags of as much as $137,000.
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Citrix report: Every generation brings different cybersecurity risks to work
July 2017
Millennials risk data confidentiality; Gen Xers are most likely to be negligent about security policies & baby boomers may fall for phishing scams.