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The ANU & Accenture tackle diversity in national security podcast
July 2022
Technology is constantly evolving, so in an industry where change and innovation are crucial to surviving, shouldn’t workplace diversity be a priority, too?
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Government cooperation key to stopping cyber attacks
April 2022
The majority of respondents from a recent Trellix report believe government-led initiatives can play an important role in protection against cyber threats.
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Aussie IT leaders say ransomware a national security threat
February 2022
New research has found extortion continues even if a ransom is paid, while CISOs are under increasing pressure.
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Natural disasters, card fraud Kiwis’ top security concerns
July 2020
A study by Unisys reveals the security concerns of Kiwi consumers in the world of COVID-19.
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U.S. face meets egg – used telecom tech to spy on own allies
February 2020
Huawei revels in a ‘gotcha’ moment in the wake of The Washington Post’s revelation that the US Govt used backdoors in CIA-owned tech company to spy on allies.
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Thailand leads ASEAN into a secure digital future
July 2019
As the chair country of ASEAN, Thailand aims to advance the community towards a future that includes a digital ASEAN.
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THAT'S A WRAP: Highlights from Sydney’s 2nd Annual Safety, Security and Counter-Terrorism Forum
May 2018
The event took a comprehensive look at the state of play for terrorist organisations and individuals - both local and abroad.