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Cyberattacks on governments beyond Ukraine surge by 21% - Check Point
Check Point Research provides updates on cyberattack trends observed during the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 
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Four industries revolutionised by robots
Technology has embedded so deeply in our daily lives that it has become difficult to imagine a time when we lived without the benefits of the information age.
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3D Printing
Growth in 3D printing bolstered by aerospace and defence industry
GlobalData states 3D printing is starting to be realised in a wide variety of industries, but its potential in the aerospace and defence industry is significant.
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Data Centre Operators
Opinion: Data centre management can learn from the Navy
While a nuclear submarine may seem like a completely different beast from a data centre, the similarities in how they should be managed are striking and many.
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Cyber warfare set to surge in 2018 but expert says Britain is not prepared
Cyber war has exploded and is now quite literally on our doorstep - despite this an expert claims Britain's defences are severely underfunded.
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Unisys AU to provide employment support for those that serve their country
After signing the ‘Soldier On’ pledge, the IT company will be providing exclusive employment opportunities to AU service personnel and their families.
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DroneAid: How drones are used in relief efforts
Just know that for every cheesy photo and drone strike, incredible work is underway to use drones for (actual) good.