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Medical Device stories

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3D Printing
HP mobilises 3D printing resources to provide critical COVID-19 equipment
March 2020
The company says more than 1,000 3D printed parts have already been delivered to local hospitals, and essential equipment being delivered include face masks, face shields, mask adjusters, nasal swabs, hands-free door openers, and respirator parts. 
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Internet of Things
Connected medical devices to drive cybersecurity market
October 2019
The market for cybersecurity solutions will experience a marked increase in value over the next two years, due in part to a need for connected medical devices to have better security.
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Interview: Diving Into the malware abyss with LogRhythm's Erika Noerenberg
April 2018
SecurityBrief talked with LogRhythm senior malware analyst Erika Noerenberg about vulnerability exploitation, malware, and the Internet of Things.
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Digital Transformation
What if IT downtime could impact lives?
March 2018
Ensuring that each and every one of these devices is running 24/7 is crucial to preventing delays in patient treatment.
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Internet of Things
Connected medical devices pose serious security risks for healthcare firms
March 2018
Healthcare organisations around the world may be using medical devices that come with serious cybersecurity risks.
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Local startup launches blockchain-powered secure prescription platform
November 2017
"In the unlikely event of a security breach, hackers could only ever compromise one record, which they would be nonetheless be unable to decrypt."
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New technology
The new sensor device that allows the visually impaired to detect objects from over three metres away
June 2017
The device designed to help individuals overcome the limitations of the traditional cane.