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Kath Greenhough stories

Kath Greenhough is a passionate author whose work centers around transforming organisations through technology, with a heavy focus on cybersecurity, cloud computing, and bridging the IT skills gap. With an insightful perspective, Kath delves into critical issues and provides actionable solutions to modern challenges faced by businesses and IT professionals alike.

One of Kath's notable areas of interest is in enhancing cybersecurity training. She argues that traditional methods of awareness training often miss the mark in motivating lasting change and emphasises the importance of engaging strategies that resonate more deeply with individuals. This approach underscores her belief in not just educating but truly influencing people's perspectives and actions regarding cybersecurity.

Another key theme in Kath's writing is the future-proofing of the workforce through upskilling for cloud-based technologies. She presents a compelling case for organisations across various sectors to embrace the cloud, highlighting its benefits such as scalability, cost efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness. By advocating for the development of new competencies, Kath demonstrates her dedication to ensuring organisations are well-equipped to navigate the digital landscape.

Addressing New Zealand's IT skills gap is also a significant concern for Kath. She identifies the urgent need for the tech sector to educate and attract a more diverse talent pool. Her work in this area suggests a comprehensive approach, from reforming education to enhancing recruitment practices, to mitigate the shortage of skilled IT professionals. Kath's thoughtful exploration of these issues reveals her commitment to fostering inclusivity and innovation within the tech industry.