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Javelin Networks stories

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Winners of the IoT, Cloud & Cybersecurity Innovation Awards announced
October 2017
Alongside the six company categories, which are segmented into Innovation Leaders and Hot Start Ups, there was one special award.
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Javelin Networks: Give up on honeypots, because attackers will outsmart them
July 2017
Honey tokens, which are honeypots that are not computers, are easily studied and avoided by the average attacker.
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From raw data to actionable intelligence: The art and science of endpoint security
April 2017
The endpoint is vulnerable. That’s where many enterprise cyber breaches begin: An employee clicks on a phishing link and installs malware.
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Identity Theft
The cybersecurity scourge of credentials theft
March 2017
Cybercriminals want your credentials and your employees’ credentials. When those hackers succeed in stealing that information, it can be a nightmare.
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Connector Systems
New brand and new plans for Auckland-based applications provider
May 2015
“We've re-branded ourselves as JAVLN, the creator of innovative business software applications that empower better business decisions for SMBs."
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Connector Systems
An unknown kiwi software development success
July 2013
Javelin is a company that is moving towards a clear target and, with its order processing and field management product range, wants to help other businesses do the same.
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Connector Systems
Kiwi enterprise software developer scratches own itch
June 2013
It was an unlikely synergy that brought New Zealand business Connector Systems and its order processing software, I Am Javelin, together.