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FireMon stories

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IT leaders prioritising automation, Zero Trust and API-based security investments
March 2021
"The study shows that a cocktail of multiplying threats, the proliferation of hybrid and cloud architectures, blended with a pandemic-fuelled explosion in distributed and remote work has created a perfect storm for network security teams."
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IT Automation
Cloud tech developing faster than businesses can manage, FireMon finds
March 2020
Public and hybrid cloud infrastructure environment is growing in complexity, and lacks automation and a lack of resources to effectively respond to demands.
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Amazon Web Services
New Azure and AWS integration announced amid increasing cyber threats
February 2020
FireMon says the integration of the two cloud giants will help match the pace needed to protect systems from ongoing and increasing cyber threats and data breaches.
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Hybrid Cloud
FireMon survey shows hybrid-cloud security woes
February 2019
The survey shows that rate of change, lack of tools, and sparse resourcing are what worry security teams in the age of hybrid-cloud.
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Pitfalls to avoid when configuring cloud firewalls
December 2018
Flexibility and granularity of security controls is good but can still represent a risk for new cloud adopters that don’t recognise some of the configuration pitfalls.
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Security analytics: Helping you do more, with less
October 2014
Westcon Imagine 2014 - You’ve got your security technology in place and your SIEMs and logs – now you need an automated method to leverage those existing network security tools.