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Digital Literacy stories

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Cybersecurity hackathon aims to boost digital awareness
April 2022
Global cybersecurity provider Secureworks is hopes growing digital literacy will also boost interest in the field
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Shouldering the responsibility of payment security
March 2022
Two years since the surge in digital payments, shoppers have seamlessly transitioned to day-to-day use, with online payments becoming second nature when buying goods and services online.
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Digital Literacy
ADIA welcomes Australian Government's greater focus on digital literacy
January 2020
“Everyone in Australia should be able to make full use of digital technologies. We look forward to working with the Government as it implements its commitment."
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New Horizons invests in Australia's workforce, seeks to close skills gap
December 2019
“Growing and developing the new digitally literate workforce and the associated leadership, requires a comprehensive approach to training."
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Affordable digital training that works for you
January 2018 have made it easy and affordable for you to increase your digital skill set and get ahead of the competition.
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Massey University
Opinion: Phonics more important than ever in a digital age
June 2017
Massey University children's literacy specialist Tom Nicholson discusses how spelling is even more relevant in a digital age than ever before.
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Robots can be programmed in the playground with Swift
June 2017
"More than 1 million kids and adults from around the world are already using Swift Playgrounds to learn the fundamentals of coding."
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Open Polytechnic
Teachers get tech for breakfast at Hutt Valley STEMM
May 2017
"Science is the key to our future. We need more scientists, but we need them to be able to create, collaborate and be digitally literate."
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Warehouse Stationery looks to keep handwriting alive in digital world
April 2016
“The Get New Zealand Writing initiative is a fun way to focus on the importance of writing in a child’s life."
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Kiwi company leaps into education market with digital literacy tool
April 2015
Kiwi company Bud-e Digital has launched Bud-e Reading, the literacy product targeted at New Zealand students and designed to be exportable.
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Story telling goes digital for Ngātiwai
May 2014
Ngātiwai stories are being told through three interactive digital applications launched by the Ngātiwai Trust Board, with a further 11 digital resources planned as part of the project.
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Digital Literacy
Digital literacy key focus of expert group
June 2013
Digital literacy in schools is to be the focus of a new 14 member reference group.
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Lack of digital literacy in teens to be addressed
April 2011
Microsoft and the Ministry of Education will work together to address the lack of digital literacy amongst school leavers in New Zealand.