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Deepfakes stories

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Latest VMware threat report reveals truth about deepfakes
August 2022
"Cyber criminals have evolved. Their new goal is to use deepfake technology to compromise organisations and gain access to their environment."
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Norton finds deepfakes and crypto scams rising in Australia
May 2022
Norton says between January and March of this year, it thwarted more than 37,098,261 threats, the equivalent of around 403,241 threats per day.
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Coping with increasing cybersecurity challenges (from the good side and the bad!)
January 2022
Let’s spare a thought for cybersecurity professionals as we look into our crystal ball to see what 2022 holds. They’ll be under increasing pressure from the ‘bad guys’ and the ‘good guys’ as well.
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The deepfake dilemma: How it affects privacy, security & law in Aotearoa
November 2021
A video shows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the character of Maleficent. Her husband Clarke Gayford then appears. It almost looks real - but we know it isn't.
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Research finds millennials and boomers fear deepfakes and biometrics most of future tech
July 2021
Research from Kaspersky finds millennials and boomers are wary of future technologies.
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Four security threats affecting FSIs in 2020
November 2020
This time last year nobody predicted that the world would be battling a pandemic and fighting off hordes of cybercriminals using the pandemic as a topical way of peddling their wares.
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Researchers create algorithm to uncover deepfakes
October 2020
The researchers have trained machine learning algorithms to detect deepfake videos based on the dissimilarity in patterns between the audio and visual cues.
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Safeguarding against AI-based cyber-attacks
October 2019
Fraudsters using AI to mimic voices is just an evolution in technology, says Wontok.
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Deep Instinct
Overcoming deepfakes with deep learning
July 2019
In the past couple of weeks, there have been high-profile examples of deepfakes, where deep learning, an advanced subset of AI, is used to manipulate videos to create fake videos.
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Report: The murky world of malicious AI
June 2019
"Imagine getting a video call from your boss telling you she needs you to wire cash to an account for a business trip that the company will later reimburse. DeepFakes could be used in incredibly convincing spear phishing attacks."
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Adobe AI detects Photoshopped faces as war against fakes continues
June 2019
Adobe and researchers at UC Berkeley in the United States have teamed up to create a way of detecting image edits that were made with Photoshop Face Aware Liquify feature.
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New Zealand Law Foundation
Deepfakes the 'next wave of concern' - but can law really stomp it out?
May 2019
Enforcing the existing law will be difficult enough, and it is not clear that any new law would be able to do better. Overseas attempts to draft law for deepfakes have been seriously criticised.