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Credit risk news stories

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Survey reveals NZ businesses dipping into personal savings to stay afloat
According to new research from Prospa, 40% of Kiwi small businesses use personal savings to support operations.
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Credit Clear bolsters digital customer journey with business analytics
Credit Clear says offering customers the ability to pay as they go has been a welcome move, particularly as the pandemic puts undue stress on financial situations and overdue payments.
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Buy now, pay later
Payments industry 'flying blind' as vulnerable consumers get caught in BNPL debt
"This is building up to be a trainwreck for vulnerable customers and the question for regulators is whether they will prevent substantial consumer detriment."
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Why cash is no longer king in Australia
Australia is leading the way in APAC for granting credit on B2B transactions.
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New app conducts background checks on potential tenants
Landlords and house owners need to obtain a tenant’s full name, date of birth, email address, and mobile number in order to conduct the search. And most importantly, they have to get the tenant’s permission first.
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Digital Shadows discovers credit card crime ring cashing in on $24b a year
A professional ecosystem has emerged that is providing e-learning courses to allow aspiring cybercriminals to make USD$12k in monthly earnings.
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Xero and Equifax piloting tool to help small businesses avoid bad debt
The feature will let small businesses on Xero see the credit risk of their potential customers, suppliers and partners.