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Data Protection
Aqua Security unveils out-of-the-box runtime protection
Aqua Security has launched out-of-the-box runtime protection with minimal configuration to stop attacks in real-time on running workloads.
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Cloudian’s HyperStore validated to work with Microsoft Azure
Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage is now validated to work with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, a joint offering that will give customers public cloud benefits within their own data centres.
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Is voluntary cybersecurity enough for NZ's critical infrastructure?
Critical infrastructure - that term by itself sounds impressive, maybe even distressing. But what makes critical infrastructure so significant?
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How free migration tools compare with paid solutions
The road to the cloud follows two common paths: via economic first-party migration tools from public cloud providers or third-party solutions from specialist vendors.
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The future of digital identity: the need for systems reform
Identity credentialing, proving you are who you say you are, needs to catch up to the technologies available. Currently, most organisations use simple means.
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Five ways to achieve smarter application management
Applications are the lifeblood of any modern organisation. But left unmanaged, they can throw both security and productivity into jeopardy. 
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Game review
Game review: Control (PC)
Telekinetic abilities allow Jesse to send out a powerful melee blast, launch object into the air, evade attacks by moving quickly, make a shield from debris and even levitate.