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SaaS sector in NZ thriving as a result of trans -Tasman partnerships
New Zealand's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector is on track to be the biggest contributor to GDP this year, generating more than NZD$20 billion for the New Zealand economy.
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Why enhancing bot protection for web and API endpoints matters
The trouble with bots is that they aren’t all bad. Unfortunately, this can make it challenging to detect malicious bots that find their way into your system and threaten your business.
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Neo4j achieves record growth in Asia Pacific region
Neo4j, the graph data platform, has announced the company has experienced more than 100% growth across Asia Pacific over the past year.
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Employee Experience
Global IT company named best employer in Australia and 16 other countries
A global internet technology company has taken the top spot as the best employer in Australia and 16 other countries.
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Forrester Research
CIOs must be investing in adaptiveness post COVID-19, Forrester finds
Forrester finds that the pressures of the ongoing trade situation and disruption from the COVID-19 lockdown have generated a level of volatility that creates both risk and opportunity.
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Kingsoft reports rise in revenue during 'turbulent' time
"Looking ahead, we see a clear momentum of growth across all our business segments driven by increasing customer demand. We are confident to meet our performance targets in the coming year and create long-term value for our shareholders."
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Women in Technology
MYOB survey: Females & males take different approaches to business success
Those that make it to the top of the success ladder will often attribute their success to very different factors – according to one MYOB survey, females and males have very different ideas about how they got there.
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Sole trader, company, or partnership? Get your business structure right first time
“New Zealand business structures have different legal and financial obligations which can affect the ability of a business to evolve or grow."
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Customer experience
Research: how to respond to changing customer expectations
Having an effective omnichannel digital marketing approach is incredibly important for keeping up with the increasingly insatiable demands of modern customers.
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Digital Transformation
Microsoft: how Aussie businesses can thrive in the digital economy
The tech giant outlined the opportunity for local organisations while cautioning that strong digital leadership is required.
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Auckland Chamber rebrands 'Right Click'
Video in business communication to be the focus of July's 'Transform IT' event.
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Unite and conquer
Smart organisations have been collaborating for centuries. Remember: you can’t do it alone.