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Versent achieves AWS Service Delivery designation for Transfer Family
Last month
Versent has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Delivery designation for AWS Transfer Family, recognising its best practices.
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MetricStream and Aon share best practices at AWS Summit 2022
August 2022
MetricStream and Aon have shared best practices for modernising enterprise and cyber risk management at this year’s AWS Summit.
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Proofpoint launches Intelligent Compliance Platform
August 2022
Proofpoint has announced the launch of its Intelligent Compliance Platform, offering enterprises modern regulatory compliance safeguards.
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Snowflake levels up data storage and sharing with Sigma
July 2022
Snowflake has been chosen by Sigma to underpin the company's strategy to improve its data storage consolidation, access and data sharing.
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Dragos launches cybersecurity resource for industrial assets
June 2022
Dragos has launched Operational Technology - Cyber Emergency Readiness Team (OT-CERT), a cybersecurity resource made specifically for industrial asset owners and operators.
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NCSC advisory highlights poor security configurations
May 2022
The GCSB's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released a cyber security advisory identifying commonly exploited controls and practices.
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ThoughtLab reveals 10 best practices for cybersecurity in 2022
May 2022
The benchmarking study reveals best practices that can reduce the probability of a material breach and the time it takes to find and respond to those that happen.
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Accounting systems
BlackLine launches Modern Accounting Playbook in APAC
April 2022
The solution package is based on notable practices and aims to help companies get up and running on BlackLine's accounting automation platform.
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Sustainability improves profit for 44% of organisations
March 2022
NTT has released the results of a global corporate sustainability survey, identifying the most effective business practices to advance sustainability goals. 
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Putting the best price forward
January 2022
The infamous abandon cart issue has plagued the eCommerce sector since its birth. Items sit awaiting purchase, and if left long enough, never purchased at all. 
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Best practice
TBM Council establishes APAC chapter to promote smarter tech spend
October 2021
"The APAC chapter of the TBM Council provides a forum and framework to help organisations avoid the operational disruption, cost overrun and project delays that have become prevalent."
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Data management
Boomi launches framework to empower businesses with data management
July 2020
Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, has launched Boomi Blueprint, a framework for data management including proven best practices for faster return on investment.
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Security teams could be slowing down DevOps, survey shows
December 2019
Venafi has released the findings of its latest survey, revealing 75% of DevOps professionals say certificate issuance policies slow them down.
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Is IT good Enough?
July 2010
Good, better, best. What should we really strive for in the world of IT?
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Email Security
Going postal
July 2009
If you are running a mail server you need to be aware of the risks, so you can prepare for them.