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Alan Snyder stories

Alan Snyder is a prolific author with a keen focus on the ever-evolving landscape of technology and cybersecurity. His works often delve into strategic partnerships and collaborations within the tech industry that aim to enhance security protocols and expand service offerings. Notably, Snyder has provided insights into the alliance between Synopsys and firms like NowSecure and Secure Code Warrior, who are at the forefront of security and privacy expertise, and edifying platforms for better security practices in software development.

In a digital era where vulnerability is a persistent threat, Snyder’s writings also shed light on the striking research findings from WhiteHat Security, bringing attention to the precarious state of application security where an alarming 50% of applications are exposed to risks. His interest in the field extends to innovative solutions that integrate security measures into the development pipeline, as exemplified by his coverage of NowSecure's new GitHub integration that aids developers in creating more secure mobile applications. Evidently, Snyder’s columns not only inform but also underscore the critical need for continuous improvement and vigilance in the world of cybersecurity.