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Agility stories

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Workday research finds A/NZ organisations becoming leaders in digital agility
August 2022
New research from Workday and IDC has revealed that Australia and New Zealand are becoming leaders in digital agility.
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New Zealand & Australian businesses need to embrace cloud-based solutions
January 2022
Accenture's Mainframe Modernisation report shows that the need for integration and agility is driving a shift to cloud-based solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
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Remote Working
Remote work inspires business evolution - four key steps to prolonging its success
June 2021
Many business leaders feared productivity would dip when workers took to their laptops in their living rooms, but instead the opposite was true.
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Remote Working
Interview: Harnessing business agility post-pandemic
May 2021
We spoke to Appnovation's Andrew Wong, who explains why businesses should continue prioritising an agile strategy, as opposed to reverting to old ways.
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Can an organisation’s data achieve its full potential?
January 2021
The key to innovating with data lies in integration, states Qlik.
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How universities can tackle COVID-19 challenges with digital agility
September 2020
Over the past two years, the higher education sector had endured challenging headwinds, having to cope with an environment where enrolments were down and facing planned faculty consolidations. 
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The winning formula for successful DataOps
July 2020
Similar to DevOps, DataOps is an emerging set of practices, processes and technologies for building and enhancing data analytics pipelines to better meet the needs of the business.
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Project Management
Modern applications helping organisations succeed during pandemic
July 2020
"For years now, businesses have been on a mission to digitally transform themselves and their operations. This year's global pandemic served as a barometer for the true state of that digital transformation."
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Orange business services to transform Sony’s global network
July 2019
The SD-WAN future-proof platform will enable Sony to share IT talent and have complete end-to-end visibility for improved global service agility.
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Network Infrastructure
Why the future of IT infrastructure is always on and always available
December 2018
As more organisations embrace digital business, infrastructure and operations leaders will need to evolve their strategies and skills to keep up.
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How Kiwi businesses can embrace a mobile workforce
November 2018
As an early adopter of Amazon Web Services, Suncorp uses the public cloud to manage many applications and services central to its business. 
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Project Management
Exclusive: Why corporate agility is crucial for success
September 2018
"One of the biggest shifts in computing today is the adoption of event-driven architecture, which is all about how information is moved between systems."
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A three-step guide to achieving IT resilience
September 2018
Ensuring that the IT infrastructure is resilient is critical for business success and completion of transformation and modernisation projects.
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Opinion: Why agility matters in the war against cybercrime
June 2018
Endace's EMEA senior director shares why agility is fundamental to cybersecurity, enforcing that if it isn't top of the agenda, it should be.
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Frost & Sullivan
Study: Focusing on risk aversion? It may be doing you more harm than good
May 2018
A study carried out by Frost & Sullivan has highlighted the benefits associated with being an agile business, instead of a risk-averse one.
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IT Automation
The big decision: Choosing which jobs to automate
October 2017
Companies taking advantage of automation are reducing costs by an average of 8%. This doesn’t mean businesses should be replacing people with robots.