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Why comprehensive and secure SD-WAN solutions are essential for business success

Comprehensive cybersecurity measures should be a fundamental part of any digital transformation strategy. And as the network and potential attack surface continue to expand with the proliferation of connected devices and remote work environments, the need for a secure wide area network (WAN) approach has grown significantly.

Organisations are increasingly looking to software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions to help better protect their environments. While finding the right SD-WAN provider can be time-consuming and a source of frustration for many organisations, engaging the ideal security partner can mean the difference between success and failure.

It's not enough for organisations to select and integrate SD-WAN solutions from any vendor without conducting the requisite due diligence and fully understanding the solution on offer. SD-WAN is an increasingly common solution for technology partners to offer; however, not every company will deliver the level of security that's required. Business leaders need to take the time to comprehensively assess their needs as an organisation and their potential technology partners to ensure the two are aligned and can deliver the most secure solution possible.

Digital transformation has accelerated the adoption of new technologies for many businesses in an effort to modernise and keep pace with changing industry and customer needs. At the same time, technological advancements have also afforded cybercriminals the ability to develop more sophisticated approaches as well.

It's important for business leaders to consider what their needs are in a secure SD-WAN environment to protect their organisation now and into the future. This includes assessing security basics, such as the level of threat protection that they have and need, as well as their current security posture and risk exposure.

At the same time, business leaders also need to weigh up the costs and benefits of investing in solutions and partners that deliver comprehensive support and control over the environment. And, they must implement a solution that helps them remain compliant with relevant industry and government regulations.

The rise of distributed workforces has significantly increased the need for greater protection and security across networks. Many organisations will have already implemented security measures to meet changing needs over the past two years. However, failing to build sufficient protections into the foundation may not be enough to continue to provide the level of security that is required.

There's a growing need for SD-WAN solutions to be driven by security, and for good reason. The network is the foundation of an organisation's digital infrastructure; failing to account for security as an integrated part of the solution opens the business up to vulnerabilities and gaps in the network that cybercriminals can exploit.

Selecting a secure SD-WAN provider isn't the time to skimp on costs or processes; it's essential that organisations take the time to properly assess potential providers and their solutions to deliver the best possible secure SD-WAN platform to protect their network, business, and customers.

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