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Viettel Cyber Security named top cybersecurity firm
Tue, 9th Jan 2024

Viettel Cyber Security (VCS) has gained notable recognition for its "outstanding security services", a portfolio of comprehensive solutions that aims to satisfy Vietnam's rigorous cybersecurity industry needs. Recognised globally as an industry leader, VCS has demonstrated a firm commitment to innovation and persistent research, maintaining a robust pace in its field.

Based on an in-depth analysis of the cybersecurity services industry, consulting firm Frost & Sullivan acknowledged VCS with the 2023 Vietnam Company of the Year Award. VCS has been identified as a cybersecurity pioneer and is renowned for products that include its managed security services (MSS), a wide-ranging package that incorporates managed detection and response, continual monitoring, leading-edge security analytics, threat intelligence in real-time and expedited incident response.

A pivotal aspect of the success of VCS has been its dedication to adapting services and meeting the unique requirements of a diverse customer base. A contributing factor has been the company’s focus on creating user-friendly experiences. VCS has achieved a unique position in the market by presenting high-quality cybersecurity solutions that coalesce with unique demands in the market.

Anh Tien Vu, cybersecurity practice industry principal at Frost & Sullivan, reported, "Viettel Cyber Security's impressive achievements include the identification of over 400 zero-day vulnerabilities, establishing a significant milestone in Vietnam's cybersecurity landscape. This noteworthy success has earned VCS numerous prestigious accolades and recognition from industry giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft."

Viettel Cyber Security's customer-focused approach has led to a surge in customer satisfaction and loyalty, impacting the expansion of their customer base and contributing to the company's growth and performance. The company recognises its team of over 200 security experts within Vietnam as their strength, with each member trained for service exceptionalism. According to Anh Tien Vu, their leading position as the leading cybersecurity provider, holding approximately 20% market share, is a reflection of their commitment to delivering high-quality security solutions that cater to varying client needs.

VCS's accomplishments contribute to shaping Vietnam's cybersecurity scene. Fueled by a dedication to innovation, VCS's vigorous research and development practices consistently introduce new products and enhancements that align with customer needs. "This cements VCS’s place at the forefront of evolving security trends," stated Norazah Bachok, best practices research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

The yearly Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan acknowledges organisations that demonstrate excellent growth strategy and its execution in their field. The award recognises a high degree of innovation with their products and technologies, resulting in leadership concerning customer value and market penetration.

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards celebrate companies that, on a global level, have demonstrated extraordinary achievement and superior performance in fields such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development.