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Sunway University launches SOC Lab powered by RSA Security

03 Sep 2019

With the growth of e-commerce and readily digitally available data online, accuracy in processing and protection of data are no doubt imperative.

In line with this, Sunway University has invested RM3-million in to the CyberSecurity Intelligence (CSI) Labs for teaching, training and research in cybersecurity.

The CSI Labs consists of a data centre with a dedicated research network and server infrastructure, as well as dual-display workstations and a training environment.

The first lab to be established is a Security Operations Center Lab (SOC Lab) that runs industry-grade cybersecurity platform and services.

Sunway University students at the Department of Computing and Information Systems, School of Science and Technology will have the opportunity to experience intelligent security analytics that provides threat detection and response solutions offered by RSA Security from the USA.

The technology shifts solutions from reactive to pro-active, predictive and prescriptive by utilising artificial intelligence to tackle cybersecurity threats. Artificial Intelligence will be essential to enhance cybersecurity technology in the future.

The Lab, currently the first SOC Lab powered by RSA Security Netwitness platform in a university in Malaysia as well as the region, is part of the Sunway University's effort to provide real-world experience to students, particularly those enrolled in the BSc (Hons) Information Technology (Computer Networking and Security) programme.

The University provides the learning experience where students get to witness real incidents and scenarios of cybersecurity threats.

In this way, they can learn the best practices and utilise advanced platforms and tools to counter these threats.

New modules will be designed and added to existing computing programmes at the University to ensure graduates are equipped with the right skill-sets as well as mind-sets towards a safer inter-connected environment.

"The CSI Labs will serve as a platform to connect academia with the industry. It aims to be a vendor and technology agnostic platform to encourage exchange and collaboration between all parties," says Sunway University Vice-Chancellor Professor Graeme Wilkinson.

"The CSI Labs is the result of a collaboration between Sunway University, Hitachi-Sunway Information Systems Sdn Bhd and Sunway Group IT.

“It is also supported by PIKOM CyberSecurity Chapter and is powered by the RSA Security NetWitness Platform, which is used in large international corporations as well as governments," adds Wilkinson.

The project to build these specialised Labs was initiated by Dato' Chew Chee Kin, President of Sunway Group, and strongly supported by Dato' Dr Lee Weng Keng, CEO of Education and Healthcare, Sunway Group and Dr Elizabeth Lee, CEO of Sunway Education Group.

"The CSI Labs aim to develop future talents who will be well-equipped with the latest cybersecurity knowledge. We are committed to close the talent-gap in the area of cybersecurity in Malaysia and the region.

“In the pipeline, the Labs look forward to organising events such as talk or short training programmes related to cybersecurity updates and awareness for the community in and beyond Sunway City," says associate dean and computing and information systems department head Associate Professor Dr Lau Sian Lun.

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