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SoftIron revolutionises cloud with HyperCloud system

Thu, 1st Feb 2024

SoftIron, the global frontrunner in authentic private cloud infrastructure, announced today its groundbreaking functionality geared towards enterprises, government, and managed service providers (MSPs) around the globe. This development will permit users to benefit from equivalent advantages of public cloud settings right within their on-site architecture.

Jason Van der Schyff, Chief Operating Officer at SoftIron, commented, “Since our initial launch in 2023, SoftIron has seen customer adoption in life sciences, education, manufacturing, and government.

"As early customers push the private cloud envelope, we've amplified performance in almost every area," he said.

Van der Schyff further emphasised the necessity of a fresh perspective when establishing genuine private cloud, clarifying that it can't be constructed using outmoded data centre facilities.

Despite 76% of firms attempting to implement private cloud, traditional solutions have proved insufficient in generating an equivalent cloud experience to the dedicated public cloud. However, SoftIron's HyperCloud provides the world's very first authentic private cloud. This infrastructure, conceived distinctly for cloud utilisation, delivers a collection of sought-after features.

HyperCloud offers an efficient installation process—taking only half a day and half a rack of space—to deliver a fully operative private cloud. It also delivers unlimited scalability, encompassing attributes such as computing, storage, and networking. Furthermore, the HyperCloud system grants complete elasticity, enabling the addition or removal of nodes as required. Clear multi-tenancy ensures that data from distinctive tenants remains hidden from one another.

Three primary use cases are driving the on-site infrastructure's growth—large workloads remaining in-house due to security, data residence and sovereignty, or sizeable data issues; new edge workloads that require computing or data to remain at the edge, usually for latency reasons; and workloads previously moved to the cloud that are slowly returning to the in-house environment for cost control or optimisation.

To facilitate the approach of these challenging workloads, SoftIron has introduced robust new nodes. Upgrades to storage have also been carried out to promote increased and seamless scalability. To handle future faster operations, SoftIron has also incorporated three new interconnect nodes.

In response to the recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, Rob Hough, CEO at reseller Etage, expressed, “Enterprises need to consider the right strategy forward for a world where new applications, designed to run on cloud-native infrastructure, are the new normal—including on-premises. Being able to offer our customers choice through partnerships with the likes of SoftIron has ensured we are seamlessly positioned to help our clients navigate these challenging times."

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