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SecurityBridge unveils advanced platform for enhanced SAP security
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

Global SAP security provider, SecurityBridge, has announced the launch of SecurityBridge Platform Version 6.26. This latest release introduces a plethora of advanced features designed to reinforce SAP environments and cater to the progressively complex security needs of worldwide enterprises.

According to the company, SecurityBridge Platform Version 6.26 is exclusively positioned to offer comprehensive SAP security across the entirety of the SAP application landscape. Its innovative approach to automating SAP patch implementation, alongside the broadest security monitoring for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), signifies its unique market advantage.

The importance of SAP security on a global scale is profound, given 99% of the top 100 largest companies worldwide use SAP business applications. SAP customers also generate a staggering 87% of total global commerce ($46 trillion). Such vignettes reaffirm SAP's market leadership in enterprise application software, according to IDC.

Holger Hügel, Product Management Director, SecurityBridge, outlined the platform's unique characteristics: "In an era where the complexity of SAP environments is ever-increasing, the new SecurityBridge Platform version emerges as the beacon of innovation, offering unmatched efficiency and comprehensive security solutions. Our enhanced platform not only adapts to the current market trends but sets a new precedent for SAP security management, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering solutions that protect our clients' most valuable assets."

Specific advanced features include enhanced security capabilities for SAP BTP, automation for SAP patch implementation for increased efficiency, and features to extend security coverage for SAP Concur's vital expense management systems. A boost in interoperability with other SAP security solutions for custom code analysis and security monitoring is also included, through native integrations with IT service management systems like ServiceNow and standardised REST APIs. The platform takes advantage of self-learning algorithms for anomaly detection; they analyse user activities, business function profiles, and more to optimise threat identifying systems.

Emphasising its commitment to serving varied customer needs, SecurityBridge also disclosed a new, more adaptable pricing model. The new platform enhancements are set to ship on April 1, 2024. SecurityBridge's latest product update looks set to give users an elevated level of safety in their SAP environments, reflecting not only market trends but setting a new benchmark for SAP security management.