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Safer Internet Day: call to action from Ping Identity's chief architect
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

Patrick Harding, the Chief Product Architect, from Ping Identity has recently shared his views in relation to Safer Internet Day. He highlighted the dual aspect of the internet as it provides convenience and accessibility along with risks like cyber attacks targeting individuals and businesses alike with the intent of stealing personal information. It's in this light that Safer Internet Day is seen as a marker of vigilance for the internet community, reminding its vast user base about the need for prudence in sharing, collecting, and storing digital identity data.

Harding also pointed out how the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools further necessitates heightened security measures. "The internet is a double-edged sword. It offers convenience, productivity, accessibility and worldwide scale, while criminals leverage it to launch cyber attacks on individuals and businesses alike, aimed at stealing personal information for financial gain. Safer Internet Day serves as a reminder to be vigilant about what and how digital identity data is shared, collected, and stored, especially given the increasing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) tools," Harding explaines.

Furthermore, Safer Internet Day emphasises the importance of safe authentication methods. As more and more digital communication moves online, stronger security measures become vital. Services like passwordless and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offer a balance of user convenience and heightened security. Ping Identity highlights this day to underscore the value of these more secure, yet easy-to-use authentication methods.

Mr. Harding also offered compelling data supporting the use of MFA and passwordless identification: "In fact, 50% of consumers say MFA makes them feel better about the service they are using, and 65% would switch to a comparable brand if it offered passwordless authentication. It's never been easier for businesses to meet consumer demands while making the internet a safer place." This clearly suggests a user preference for enhanced security measures that also respect their convenience.

He is advocating for a universal approach to internet safety underpinned by these robust yet user-friendly authentication tools, like MFA and passwordless authentication. These innovative systems not only promise to enhance internet safety but also seem to be in line with what consumers are demanding. Businesses may need to address these needs to keep up with their competitors and take a step towards safer internet practices. Safer Internet Day, then, is not just a reminder but also a call to action to businesses as well as users.