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Rising internal security incidents spark concern in Thai businesses
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

SearchInform, a developer of risk management and information security solutions, has recently conducted a survey highlighting startling security statistics in Thailand's business sector.

The SearchInform report presents valuable insights into knowledge and habits about data security within Thai corporations, suggesting an increasing trend of internal information security incidents. The findings signal a significant rise, with 46.4% of Thai company representatives recognising an escalation in such incidents caused by their employees during this year.

Vlada Brozovskaya, PR Manager of SearchInform, shared the worrying trend detailed in the survey. According to Brozovskay, the data pertains specifically to Thailand, but it provides an informative snapshot of the wider information security landscape. Noteworthy, nearly half of all respondents have noticed a rise in information security incidents within their companies this year. This suggests that there is an urgent need to take action and prioritise internal information security within organisations.

The survey was conducted during an event in Thailand in October. Besides the results signalling an increase in security incidents, it also emphasised that a significant number of Thai companies view internal security threats as posing a higher risk than external ones. The survey showed that 35.7% of Thai company representatives believe internal incidents are more dangerous compared to external attacks. This underscored a pressing need for businesses to focus on internal security to safeguard sensitive data.

Alexey Pinchuk, Chief Business Development Officer of SearchInform, commented on the survey: "We are not surprised by the fact of low information security protection among Thai businesses and public sector institutions, this is a quite common picture we are getting across the region."

"75% of respondent companies implemented antivirus, but even this solution is not used by all. What do we know about DLP? Companies in Thailand are at the beginning of the journey; only over 14% of organisations have implemented DLP."

"However, it is critical to protect the data, at least for the purpose of compliance with local and international laws. SearchInform solutions are just the thing to help businesses meet all the requirements," said Alexey Pinchuk.

SearchInform, known for its specialisation in information security and risk management solutions, is using this data to zero in on the pressing information security issues businesses are facing and to develop strategic solutions. The company consistently offers expert resources and articles on a range of informational security topics, including investigations of corporate fraud, data leaks, information security trends and the challenges of data protection in different industries.

With this survey, SearchInform has raised the alarm on the importance of paying attention to internal information security, an often overlooked aspect of business operation. The survey's findings urge enterprises to critically analyse their security apparatus, especially given the ever-evolving nature of information security threats.