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Radical approach to containing breaches announced
Thu, 22nd Sep 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Founded Jan 2012, Javelin Networks has a totally new approach to endpoint security that it's calling ZeroMove.

In fact, the company claims that they fit between three established security technology categories. Endpoint protection, intrusion detection - prevention and deception.

Its solution has a very small client that is cleverly stored in memory on the end point device. The client isn't installed initially, but is downloaded and installed every time a device authenticates onto the corporate network. These are tiny files, and the process is very quick.

This approach ensures that the latest version of the tool is in use all the time, without the need for downloading updates like traditional tools.

Their solution then acts as a deception tool, setting up fake network elements that any malware infection that has got into your device can access.

These fake network elements then form the triggers that let its central server know that an infection has occurred. The claim is that this is a silent alarm that the attack/infection won't detect.

The fake network elements also ensure that the infection is contained and doesn't continue to infect the rest of your network.

The central engine that receives each of the notifications also has a very sophisticated dashboard, so IT department team members can identify the infected machine quickly.

They have already signed up 15 significant clients. With large organisations in the healthcare, financial services, government and resources sectors the focus.

“IT staff are constantly and manually searching for attackers on computers and networks. It's impossible to do this adequately and accurately with the technology and processes used today”, said Roi Abutbul, founder and CEO of Javelin Networks.  “We saw a pressing need for a proactive, autonomous and seamless, post-breach attack detection and prevention solution that automates attacker detection and stops their subsequent movement.

Gartner earlier this year identified them as a ‘Cool Vendor'. They also raised USD $7 million in a Series A venture capital injection recently.

The software tool is sold on a subscription basis per device via channel partners. The focus is on North America right now with Europe - Asia Pacific next

The Javelin ZeroMove centralised dashboard.