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NetWitness integrates with AWS AppFabric to bolster cloud security
Wed, 13th Dec 2023

NetWitness, the internationally respected provider of threat detection, investigative, and responsive technology and incident remediation services, has announced its integration with AWS AppFabric. This new service from Amazon Web Services quickly links software as a service (SaaS) applications, enhancing both productivity and security. NetWitness's integration with AWS AppFabric allows their clients to benefit from a streamlined and universal approach to securing both existing and new AWS services.

Security solutions integration with SaaS applications tends to be a lengthy and potentially error-riddled process. Each integration demands customised development, security measures, deployment, and continuous maintenance. Nonetheless, AWS AppFabric presents a more efficient solution with a standardised backplane and a unified data model, which connects SaaS apps to security solutions. This design simplifies the integration process, allows fast deployment, and offers excellent security.

NetWitness is conscious of the need for constant support for evolving technologies and solutions. The collaboration with AWS AppFabric enables them to remove potential blind spots, aiding the adoption of valuable business-centric applications. The integration equips customers with an essential new technology to boost their security visibility. NetWitness is well prepared to support customers in implementing this new tech from the outset.

Customers of NetWitness stand to gain substantially from integration with AWS AppFabric. The integration provides new means of securing their applications on AWS. NetWitness's support empowers security analysts to incorporate SaaS data effectively in their threat detection and response tasks and workflows. Additionally, the streamlined and standardised services provided by AWS AppFabric decrease complexity and cost, aiding customers in managing their security solutions more conveniently. The integration allows customers to utilise their AWS committed spend on NetWitness, thus optimising their investments. In essence, the integration of NetWitness with AWS AppFabric demonstrates the pivotal role of NetWitness within the cloud security ecosystem, underlining its credibility and resilience to customers.

"Throughout our journey, NetWitness has been at the forefront of expanding visibility into emerging technologies and innovative solutions," stated Ken Naumann, CEO of NetWitness. "As a security tool integrated with AWS AppFabric, we allow our customers to leverage this simplified and standardized approach to securing both new and existing AWS services."