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NanoLock Security and OTIFYD to provide top-tier OT protection for manufacturing
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

NanoLock Security, an established provider of device-level, zero-trust OT protection for industrial manufacturing firms, has teamed up with OTIFYD, the next-gen OT security services and solutions provider for EMEA.

The partnership aims to offer industrial and manufacturing companies device-level zero trust OT cybersecurity solutions. According to the company, the alliance will enable OTIFYD's clientele to incorporate NanoLock as a component of OTIFYD's comprehensive OT cyber-defence suite.

Furthermore, the device-level preventive measures provided by NanoLock promise vendor-independent safeguarding for new as well as pre-existing OT assets against both internal and external cyber threats.

Recent years have witnessed an uptick in cyber attacks on major manufacturing entities and industrial networks. This surge is more pronounced with the advent of digital transformation initiatives within Industry 4.0.

Increased additions of networked devices and the implementation of enhanced connectivity between IT and OT systems has expanded not only the cyber networks but also attack vulnerabilities for both internal and external threat actors to manipulate control systems, the company states.

Within this context, the device-level zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions offered by NanoLock, which are assimilated into OTIFYD's customer services, facilitate the protection of industrial manufacturing from cyber threats with zero compromise on performance or functionality. This integration enables OTIFYD’s industrial clientele to secure their production environments from cyberattacks.

Sharing his enthusiasm regarding the alliance, Ali Bozorgmir, Global Director - OT Security Solutions at OTIFYD, stated, "We are excited to partner with NanoLock Security. This partnership echoes our shared commitment to delivering secure, reliable, and defensible solutions to our customers." He added that, in operational landscapes where cyber compromise is intolerable, "NanoLock's device-level prevention solution will bring peace of mind."

Addressing the need for the partnership, David Stroud, NanoLock's Chief Operations Officer, noted, "Energy, food and beverage, and manufacturing companies are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks from insiders and outsiders." He further stated, "This collaboration will strengthen protection of OT manufacturing environments from ever-growing cyber threats."

NanoLock Security provides device-level zero-trust OT cybersecurity solutions to critical infrastructure customers, food and beverage, utilities, industrial and manufacturing companies. Covering entire operational surfaces, NanoLock protects multi-vendor, new and legacy Industrial Control Systems (ICS) against outsiders, insiders, supply chain cyber events, and even human errors.

OTIFYD is a team of industrial control system and automation and certified security experts with their prime and only focus on industrial cyber security, bridging the IT and OT divide by providing consultancy services and solutions across EMEA, enabling organisations and asset owners to operate their primary processes with confidence in a secure and protected environment.