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Mandiant launches digital risk protection offering

Mandiant has launched a digital risk protection offering that allows security leaders to proactively mitigate threats before they disrupt business operations.

The offering consists of other Mandiant products and uses the power of its Advantage multi-vendor XDR platform to afford organisations an intelligence-led view of their global attack surface and other activity that impacts their business on the deep and dark web.

In addition, Mandiant also announced the general availability of its Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring module, a new offering designed within Mandiant Advantage and a crucial driver of its digital risk protection offering.

Mandiant notes that having external visibility of malicious activity and exposed assets can be difficult for most public and private sector businesses.

It adds that businesses can remain vulnerable to cyber attacks even with this insight if the right resources and talent are not available to manage, monitor, or investigate security alerts.

Mandiant's digital risk protection offering addresses this challenge by providing companies with visibility outside of their network, such as high-risk attack vectors, malicious orchestration from the deep and dark web and campaign execution on the open web.

The offering consists of Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring, Mandiant Advantage Attack Surface Management and Mandiant Advantage Threat Intelligence.

Further, it is available as both a standalone, self-managed offering and a comprehensive professional service.

This latest offering provides security leaders with visibility into external exposure and targeting through attack surface mapping and deep and dark web activity monitoring, allowing them to identify vulnerabilities and garner insight on risk factors impacting the extended enterprise and supply chain.

It also enables organisations to proactively protect against imminent threats by understanding which threat actors are targeting them, what they want from the company and how they plan to attack.

Additionally, the offering gives users access to threat intelligence derived from Mandiant frontline investigations, expertise and in-depth analysis to prioritise defensive measures and investments with greater confidence.

Mandiant's Digital Threat Monitoring module is designed to continuously monitor the internet to assist organisations in uncovering chatter about their brand, senior executives, technology resources, as well as third-party suppliers and partners.

This includes the deep and dark web, blogs, underground markets, social media and paste sites.

The module notifies users about threats of impending attacks or undetected data or credential leaks early, allowing them to respond and remediate quicker.

Digital Threat Monitoring is backed by Mandiant threat intelligence and is a vital component of the company's digital risk protection offering.

Moreover, like most of Mandiant's offerings, Digital Threat Monitoring can be used as both a standalone product and a managed service, giving companies the means to stay relentless and ahead of threats irrespective of their size or cyber maturity level.

"Internal attack surface visibility is no longer good enough. To stay relentless against increasingly sophisticated and persistent cyber attacks, defenders must gain insight into the external attack surface as well," Mandiant chief product officer Chris Key says.

"Driven by Mandiant's frontline intelligence and expertise, Digital Threat Monitoring and Mandiant's digital risk protection solution empower defenders to quickly and easily transform insight into action to mitigate risk and help stay ahead of threats."

As part of the digital risk protection launch, Mandiant is offering a limited-time bundle of Threat Intelligence Security Operations, Digital Threat Monitoring and Attack Surface Management in a single SKU at a significant, pre-set discount.

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