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Kaspersky rebrands, unveils new logo
Wed, 5th Jun 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab has rebranded, shortening its name to just Kaspersky and releasing a new-look logo.

The two-decade-old company says it has moved beyond the antivirus laboratory to having an advanced and comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services, including innovative products and technologies, cloud services and world-leading threat intelligence as the world has become more digitised and globalised.

The company's new mission statement is ‘Building a safer world', aiming to emphasise its commitment to a trusted and transparent future where everyone has the endless opportunities technology brings.

The new branding reflects the evolution of the business focus from “cybersecurity” towards the wider concept of “cyber-immunity”.

Cybersecurity in today's world is about more than just protecting devices, but developing an ecosystem where everything connected is protected.

Kaspersky's rebranding marks the company's commitment to this evolution, and to leading the development of higher industry standards for the future.

It also marks the company's support for the creation of connected systems that are secure-by-design and no longer where security is only an optional add-on layer at the end.

Commenting on the new rebranding, CEO Eugene Kaspersky says, “Since we founded our company more than 22 years ago we've seen both the cyber threat landscape and our industry evolve and change beyond recognition, while witnessing the growing role of technology in our lives both at work and at home.

“Today the world has new needs, and our rebranding reflects our vision to meet those needs – not just for today, but well into the future. Building upon our track record, we'll also help build a safer world that's immune to cyber threats.”

New visual identity

As part of the rebrand, it updated its visual identity to reflect its core values and the essence of what Kaspersky stands for as an organisation.

The new logo is created from geometric and mathematically exact letter forms, representing the top-class software engineering expertise that the company originated from and to which it remains committed.

In line with the name change, it also dropped the word ‘Lab'.

“The basis for our existing logo was developed in 1997 and many things have changed since then. Previously, we used letters from the Greek alphabet that are just not relevant anymore due to the changes in the breadth and depth of our communications - we need to look to the future and embrace the digital world,” says Kaspersky marketing vice president Andrew Winton.

"It seemed logical to remove the Lab from our name when we were developing the new visual identity - as we wanted to simplify our branding in a way that helps to deliver our newly inspired philosophy and mission, whilst still highlighting our company's wide range of technologies.