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HP announces three new security solutions for remote workers

26 Mar 2020

HP Inc has today announced three new security solutions to provide threat protection for remote workforces, as countries across the world experience lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the prospect of potentially working from home for months.

The new offerings include HP Pro Security Edition, HP Proactive Security and HP Sure Click Enterprise. 

HP says over 80% of home office routers have been found to be vulnerable to potential cyberattacks, 90% of PC infections originate from email attachments, and 96% of security breaches aren’t discovered until months later.

“In today’s environment, the PC is more relevant than ever, and security is a critical concern,” says HP Australia director of personal systems Ken Maher.

“With growing cybersecurity threats, there is a real need for security solutions that help protect, detect, and recover. 

“HP’s new offerings provide a unique combination of cloud, AI and hardware-enforced security technologies to deliver a more protected future to combat evolving cybersecurity threats for every business segment – from growing businesses to large enterprises.”

HP Pro Security for SMBs 

HP is expanding its built-in hardware-enforced PC security suite to focus on low-touch enterprise-level security for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

This security suite includes HP Sure Sense Pro, a deep learning AI-based protection solution, as well as HP Sure Click Pro, which offers isolation protection for browser, files, and applications. 

The deep-learning cloud isolates threats and monitors application health, says HP.

The security solution aims to address all known and unknown cyberattacks, combating threats that traditional anti-virus solutions do not catch. 

Managed Security Service for SMBs 

HP Proactive Security helps SMBs defend against cyberattacks without changing user behaviour or increasing IT workload. 

The protection is monitored and managed by experienced HP cybersecurity experts. 

Company data and devices are secured with multiple layers of proactive protection, applying deep learning and isolation technologies to protect endpoints and reduce risk. 

This managed service solution provides a holistic view of device protection status and detailed findings on attempted and blocked attacks from HP TechPulse accessible from a simple dashboard.

Security for Enterprises 

HP Sure Click Enterprise is an endpoint application isolation and containment solution designed for enterprise and government entities.

HP says it protects enterprise endpoints from attackers while providing real-time threat intelligence to security teams. 

The solution allows customers to deliver run-time protection with task-level isolation and non- persistent virtual machines, protecting all on- and off-network users without breach, persistence, lateral movement, or data exfiltration. 

The solution supports all Windows 8 and 10 devices, reducing complexity while hardening overall cyber postures in the face of increased targeted and destructive attacks. 

It also protects user's credentials from phishing attacks, and provides cloud-powered automated threat analytics. 


  • HP Pro Security Edition is expected to be available on select HP Elite PCs purchased in winter (northern hemisphere) 2020. 
  • HP Proactive Security is available to select customers in pilots now and is expected to be available to customers and partners worldwide in April 2020. 
  • HP Sure Click Enterprise is expected to be available in May 2020. 
  • HP Sure Click Pro will be offered free of charge for download on HP and non-HP devices through September 30, 2020.
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