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Healthcare cybersecurity gets innovative encrypted chat tool
Thu, 25th May 2023

Vaultree announces a healthcare cybersecurity industry-first, Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption Solution. 

Coupled with a software development kit and encrypted chat tool, Vaultree says its technology revolutionises the data encryption landscape, providing full-scale protection of sensitive patient data, even in the event of a breach, while preserving operational efficiency and performance. 

According to Vaultree, no sector is more vulnerable to cybercrime than healthcare in today's digital era. For example, the first half of 2022 witnessed 337 breaches, affecting billions of patients worldwide. 

Such breaches have the potential to not only risk lives but jeopardise the privacy of sensitive patient information, including women's reproductive health data.

Providing comprehensive data protection with complete search and computational capabilities, Vaultree's solution aims to redefine the security landscape and create a new era of privacy assurance in healthcare. 

Ryan Lasmaili, CEO of Vaultree, says: "Time is of the essence when lives are at stake. Clinical trials, ePHI, advanced healthcare research, and all critical data must be shielded from a data breach."

“Bringing our proven Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption solution to the healthcare sector is transformative."

“Stolen or leaked data is rendered useless to cybercriminals, while maintaining optimal performance in data processing."

"This is our commitment to meeting the urgent need for secure, privacy-centric healthcare and setting a safer future for patients and healthcare providers,” says Lasmaili. 

Vaultree says that its systems utilise an encryption approach, unlike traditional technologies that impose usability restrictions or have inherent security vulnerabilities. 

The solution is engineered for seamless integration, with robust security features such as zero-trust encryption and client-held keys.

Vaultree ensures its service will equip healthcare organisations with the tools to securely process, search, and compute encrypted data in real-time, enabling precise data analysis and AI-driven modelling to enhance patient care and outcomes. 

Lasamaili continues: "We're not just protecting data, we're empowering healthcare organisations to enhance their service." 

"From improved data analytics to enriched patient experiences and telemedicine capabilities, privacy does not have to compromise performance."

Vaultree says its partnerships highlight its forward-thinking approach.

Partnered with Google's AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, Vaultree works towards a new era of cloud-based, Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption.

In addition, its alliance with Qrypt supports the only unbreakable key generation algorithm in the market, allowing Vaultree to offer data protection across sectors. Vaultree supports enterprises handling large amounts of sensitive data, including those in financial services, insurance, retail, telecom and energy sectors. 

Now with its health-care-specific solution, Vaultree says it's making significant strides in protecting sensitive patient data, fostering enhanced healthcare experiences, and fundamentally reshaping data security standards within the sector.

Vaultree believes that by enabling better communication, understanding, and care through its services, healthcare providers can offer improved services while respecting patients' privacy.