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Hands-on review: Norton Identity Advisor Plus
Fri, 11th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Stealing an identity can be easy in today's cyber climate, so it's essential to have the right security tools to protect you from identity theft.

Identity theft can involve thieves stealing your personal information with the objective of posing as you in either an online or in-person format. This often results in significant economic loss and personal dilemmas.

A company providing one of the industry's top antivirus and security software, Norton, has recently launched the Norton Identity Advisor Plus.


This software is designed to defend users from identity theft and its consequences.

The technology monitors your personal data and notifies you if it appears online. It allows you to detect suspicious actions that could take place on your social networks, insurance, emails and more. It will notify you of any suspicious activity, account takeovers, or inappropriate content.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web represents the hidden collective of internet sites only accessible by a specialised web browser. As a result, your personal data can be disclosed and even sold. Identity Advisor Plus's main role is to monitor the dark web and alert you if your data appears there.

Identity Restoration Specialist

If you think your identity has been stolen, Norton has an expert team of identity restoration specialists who can help you fix your problem. In addition, Norton will give you step-by-step support until your issues are resolved.

Stolen Wallet Assist

They can also help you to cancel or replace your cards if your wallet gets stolen through Identity Theft Insurance.

Social Media Monitoring

The software also monitors your social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. The software notifies you when it detects suspicious activity on your accounts.

Identity Theft Insurance

Norton Identity Advisor Plus also provides coverage for specific losses and expenses related to ID theft in your name. Thanks to this, you can have the chance to be compensated for the following significant costs:

  • Up to $25k legal expense reimbursement
  • Up to $25k obligation to pay cover
  • Up to $3k for lost income
  • Up to $5k for miscellaneous expenses

System Requirements

Norton Identity Advisor Plus is accessible by app and website from unlimited devices for Windows PC and Mac.

Thanks to the mobile application, you can also access it on your smartphone (iOS or Android). You just need to have at least iOS 10.3, Android 4.4, or later versions of them to use it.

To access the software's online portal, you must launch your web browser on your computer. Supported browsers are as follows:

  • Chrome v49 and above
  • Edge v17 and above
  • Firefox v51 and above
  • Opera v36 and above
  • Safari v11 and above


As cybercrime becomes more and more present in our world, now is the time when we need to take security steps to the next level.

Norton Identity Advisor Plus has impressive features that are well implemented and make it a real weapon against identity theft. We highly recommend it due to its wide scope and efficient services.