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Frost & Sullivan names Radiflow leader in IT/OT security for smart buildings
Fri, 19th Jul 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Industrial cybersecurity solutions provider Radiflow today announced that the company has been recognised as the global customer value leader in IT/OT security for smart buildings by the leading analyst firm Frost - Sullivan.

Radiflow is aiming to play a role in providing cybersecurity protection for smart building operations as dramatically increasing numbers of industrial IoT devices are deployed for building automation systems and smart applications that control building operations, such as elevators, lighting and HVAC systems.

Radiflow has been selected for this award for allowing smart building operators to better manage cybersecurity risks with a unique combination of superior technology and attractive partnerships with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Frost - Sullivan: Radiflow is the global customer value leader in IT/OT security for smart buildings

“Radiflow correctly recognises building automation security as a promising growth opportunity and has developed specific use cases for its superior technology for this segment,” says Frost and Sullivan senior research analyst Swetha R K.

“Radiflow has won substantial business for securing building management system networks and is expecting to significantly accelerate growth in this vertical with its win-win partnerships with MSSPs.

Protecting smart buildings is one of the many growing use cases for Radiflow's iSID Industrial Threat Detection System, which also includes industrial automation networks and critical infrastructure.

iSID builds a network topology map of an OT network and continuously monitors for any changes to this baseline understanding.

For a smart building operator, iSID can detect in real-time policy violations of the various maintenance teams and third party suppliers that need to access its OT network.

“Many smart building operators lack the internal expertise and bandwidth to internally address OT-specific cybersecurity issues and are increasingly preferring to utilise managed security services from MSSPs to protect both their IT and OT networks,” continues Swetha R K.

“Radiflow has recognised this shifting market trend and has proactively taken steps towards implementing an attractive partnership-based strategy with MSSPs.

Radiflow has recently launched an OT MSSP partner program that provides tools, procedures and expertise for MSSPs to efficiently introduce new cybersecurity services dedicated to ICS/SCADA systems and OT networks.

Radiflow works closely with each OT MSSP partner to implement the processes that are required to roll out a full range of OT cybersecurity services, including mapping and monitoring the network topology and connected assets, detecting and responding to security alerts, optimising end-user cybersecurity expenditures and others.

MSSPs can also offer advanced OT cybersecurity services that leverage iSID's automated vulnerability mapping and dynamic scoring processes in order to identify the most critical security risks based on the impact to a customer's specific business operations.

“The smart building segment certainly holds a lot of potential for our company and we are pleased with our initial traction in this space with customers in critical facilities, including government buildings, hospitals and banks,” says Radiflow CEO Ilan Barda.

“This recognition from Frost - Sullivan confirms our belief that using an MSSP-based service ensures the effective evaluation of risks and response procedures.